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Thailand : Land of Smiles. A brief introduction to the country of Thailand - its climate and geography, its history and culture, its tourist appeal.



Ayutthaya - A Travel Guide to the Ancient Thai Capital. Ayutthaya was the Thai capital between the 14th and 18th centuries until it was destroyed by invading Burmese forces. Today the site can be visited on a day trip from Bangkok - a vast and impressive array of ancient ruins.


Bang Pa-In - The Summer Palace. Bang Pa-In was the Summer Palace of the Ayutthayan kings, and suffered a similar fate to Ayutthaya in the 18th century. But unlike the old capital, Bang Pa-In was ressurected as a Royal Palace and today is a site of flamboyant and beautiful buildings.

Muang Boran (The 'Ancient City') - The World's Largest Open Air Museum. An amazing tourist attraction on the outskirts of Bangkok, Muang Boran includes original buildings transported across country, scale models and fantastical re-creations from Thai mythology.

The Erawan Museum - Bangkok's Bizarre Three-Headed Elephant Museum. A must-see attraction! This museum and sculptural exhibition is set in attractive gardens and housed inside the body of a gigantic three-headed bronze elephant!


The Erawan Shrine - Buddhists at Prayer in Bangkok. A tiny slice of authentic Buddhist worship right in the heart of Bangkok's shopping district. A shrine, with traditional Thai dancers, music and incense. A place of spiritual refuge for Bangkok's residents and a fascinating free attraction. Well worth a visit.


Shows, Entertainments and Attractions in Bangkok - My Review. Four of Bangkok's attractions reviewed : Siam Ocean World, Siam Niramit, Safari World and Madame Tussauds.


Lumpini Park, Bangkok - a Travel Guide. Bangkok is hot, sticky, noisy and polluted! It's a great place to visit but you will need an occasional respite in one of the city's green spaces. Lumpini Park is one of the best.


Bangkok Life - People at Work, Rest and Play. A Photographic Essay. A series of photographs showcasing the people a visitor may encounter when walking around Bangkok. Ordinary and extraordinary people just doing their jobs of work, at rest and at play.

A Tourist's Guide to Bangkok Transport. How to get around Bangkok, quickly, efficiently and cheaply on a first time visit to the city.

Thai Street Food (Cooked Foods). The first of two articles looking at Thai street food. Street food is one of the most iconic cultural attractions of Thai life. This first page focuses on meats, sea foods, pancakes, and other cooked dishes including ... fried insects!


Thai Street Food (Desserts, Sweets and Drinks). The second of two articles looking at Thai street food. This one looks at some of the unique desserts and sweets which you can find on the city food stalls.


The Shopping Malls of Thailand. If there's one 21st century thing that Thailand does better than the most advanced of Western nations, it must be shopping malls - spacious, clean, up to ultra-modern, and full of so many attractions one could spend an entire day in one of these malls.



Attractions of North Eastern Thailand - A Travel Guide. The north east of Thailand is relatively little known to Western tourists, though backpackers frequently pass through here. This page features some of the surprising attractions to be seen in this part of Thailand.


The Chiang Khan Walking Street. A historic town in north east Thailand, right on the border with Laos - a favourite location for domestic tourism due to its unique culture and traditional teak buildings. The Walking Street is a showcase of old Thai architecture, but with modern appeals too.


The Chiang Khan Culture, Countryside and Riverside. The biggest draw to the town of Chiang Khan is the famous 'walking street' (see above), but there is much more to this region of Thailand - culture and traditional crafts, temples and excursions on the River Mekong too.


A Westerner in a Thai Village - My Time Spent Living With A Thai Family. My experience of living with a Thai family in one of the typical villages of Udon Thani Province in the north of the country.


IMG_0074 copy_4_1.jpg

The Asian Water Monitor Lizard - Varanus salvator. In Thailand's wild places - but also in city parks in close proximity to people - one will see butterflies, birds, squirrels ... and six foot long reptiles! This page looks at the extraordinary Asian Water Monitor which lives in peaceful harmony alongside Thailand's human population.


The Elephant Parade - A Story of Art, Culture and Conservation. Across the world, models of elephants are being created for exhibitions and then sold off for charity. It is an extraordinary venture inspired by the tale of a three-legged baby elephant in Thailand. Fittingly, in 2016, the Parade came to the city of Bangkok.

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